7 Important Rules to Follow When Designing a Kitchen

Apr 19 2024

The kitchen is super important in our daily lives! It’s not just where we make food, but it’s also where families come together and share stories. Sometimes, We get to be creative, trying out new recipes and making yummy meals. In addition to that, the kitchen is like a cosy hug, with delicious smells and warmth. It’s where we keep our family traditions alive, passing down recipes from generation to generation. So yeah, the kitchen isn’t just a room—it’s the heart of our home! Are you dreaming of a kitchen that’s not just a cooking space but also a hub of warmth and functionality? Designing a kitchen that ticks all the boxes of aesthetics and practicality might seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve compiled some simple yet powerful rules to guide you through the kitchen design process.

Kitchen Designing Rules for 7 Different Perspectives

The Work Triangle: Picture this – you’re preparing a feast, hopping between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. These three vital aspects should form a triangle for easy movement and efficiency. Imagine how easy it will be to prepare a meal without having to run across the kitchen!

Adequate Space: Ever tried to navigate through a cluttered kitchen with arms full of groceries? Not fun, right? Ensure there’s at least 42 inches of space between countertops and appliances. It’s like carving out a little dance floor for yourself while you cook up a storm.

Proper Lighting: Let there be light! Illuminate your kitchen like a pro with the task of lighting over work areas. Think bright spotlights over the cutting board and ambient lighting to create an atmosphere for late-night snacks.

Storage Savvy: Cabinets, drawers, and shelves are your best friends in the kitchen. Make sure they offer enough storage for all your pots, pans, and pantry staples. It’s like giving each item in your kitchen its own home – no more rummaging through cluttered drawers!

Materials Matter: When it comes to kitchen materials, durability is key. Choose surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Think sleek stainless steel appliances and sturdy quartz countertops that not only stand the test of time but also add a touch of elegance to your space.

Ventilation Vitality: Don’t feel embraced before your guests due to lingering cooking odours! Proper ventilation is crucial for a healthy kitchen environment. Install a range hood with an exhaust fan to whisk away smoke and excess moisture like a culinary superhero.

Safety First: Last but certainly not least, safety should always be a top priority. Keep electrical outlets away from water sources, and always follow appliance installation instructions to the letter. It’s like putting on a seatbelt before embarking on a culinary adventure – better safe than sorry! By following these golden rules, you’ll be well on your way to designing a kitchen that not only looks stunning but also works like a charm. So get ready, let’s design the kitchen of your dreams.